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Photo of AnnaIf you are curious about the personal background of this artist with a funny accent, you will find out that she is a Swiss immigrant butterfly who flew across several oceans and landed in California, where she now lives happily with her American husband Michael. After a long spiritual journey she found a home in the power of the ordinary life, in the beauty and simplicity of every moment.

Anna grew up in a cultural center in the Swiss mountains in St. Moritz, a famous ski resort. During that time she developed a special love for the deep blue mountain lakes and their crystal clear reflections. She completed her studies at the University of Design and Art and at the Teacher’s College in Zurich. Later on she received additionally an education in Interior Architecture in California.

Anna Magdalena Coulter - Reimann established herself as an exhibiting artist and group leader for creative processes in Switzerland. For her work she was granted an award from the Steo Foundation in Zurich. In the USA she is still a new discovery.

The art of Anna Coulter is a reflection of a satisfied heart. Her works are an invitation to enjoy life as it is.


Since 1974 she has had the following shows:
(* indicates Solo shows)

Gewerbe Museum,Winterthur
Treffpunkt Art, Zuerich
*Gallery Burestube, Winterthur
Gallery Sigristenkeller, Buelach
Gymnasium Art Forum, Wetzikon
Gallery Schifflaende, Bern
*Konzerthalle Laudinella, St.Moritz
Galleria Effretikon in Effretikon
*Open Studio Wagenburg, Oberembrach
*Gallery Sonnenfeld, Winterthur
*Foyer von Meiss, Winterthur
*Art Forum Keller, Truellikon
*Cultural Center, St.Moritz Bad
*Gallery Weierthal, Winterthur

Gallery Saint Paul, Paris

Canada / Alberta
*Polo Ralph Lauren, Banff
*Foyer Gallery Post Hotel, Lake Louise

USA / California
Fort Mason, San Francisco
El Gatito, Saratoga
Art League, Santa Cruz
*Library in Boulder Creek
Rotary Club, Saratoga
*Stanford University, Palo Alto
*Hakone Gardens, Saratoga
*Open Studio 2005, Campbell

San Jose Museum of Art
Quinlan Community Center
*Cloud 9, Los Gatos
*Church Gallery, Los Gatos
*Open Studio 2006, San Carlos
Art Through Woman's Eyes, Saratoga
Art Gallery A21, Palo Alto

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