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Anna’s Art, bold and beautiful, powerful and gentle, is exciting our senses in every positive way. It is a true joy, EXQUISITE. — Ann Williams, Colorado

Congratulations with your upcoming Open Studio show. Your art is beautiful and restful. Blessings. — Larry Gray, Oregon

Breath of Joy! Your Art brings one back to this happy moment. — Marc Isaac Potter, California

Touching the heart... Anna Coulter’s art work is lovely. She never ceases to amaze me. Her talent is creating lovely art from the heart. I wish I could buy them all! — Marilyn Hasler, California

What a delightful change! Someone who does such amazing art and speaks so profundly. You give a visitor a beautiful gift of being able to send an E-card with wonderful words of wisdom. Many thanks. — L. E. Dionne

Thank you for adding so much light and love to my office by one of your paintings! My clients love it as much as I do; we all feel supported and uplifted by the painting “Enlightenment.” — K.L., California

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and sentiments. The whimsical pieces make me smile. The colors are saturated and rich; the website does justice to the original artworks. My favorites are all here, and more!! I will add this to my favorites and plan to visit often. — Pamela Newcomb, California

It is wonderful to see how you’ve so perfectly expressed your wisdom and love in these creative paintings and cards! May we all find such an ideally suited avenue of expression. Heartfelt Thanks. — Annie Gray, California

Anna Coulter, Ihre Bilder empfinde ich als harmonisch und beruhigend und die dazu passende Musik einfach herrlich. Sie macht sicher vielen Freude. — Christa Joder, Switzerland

Dear Anna, I love your art, your style, your approach to life. I am from the Ticino. Thank you for a moment of peace and joy. — Fausto, Switzerland

Thank you for sharing your beautiful expressions with us…and for the e-cards so that we may share them with others as well. Thank you for your part in beautifying and spreading joy and love in the world. — Simone, California

Beautiful work! I'm so happy to share it. — Lucy Grace Yaldezian, California

My husband and I love your e-cards and artwork as we are Buddhist practitioners and enjoy sending our family and friends cards that inspire our own views in the lives of others. Thanks for the beautiful site and for giving my sister Susan Kurtz the wonderful opportunity to help in creating it! — Regina Rivers, PA

I had difficulty finding a singular favorite. There is a richness and sensitivity that lingers on after the eye leaves the image. Many blessings in your colorful expression of a dancing heart. — Edith Schwartz, B.C. Canada

What wonderful art you share with the Universe. Congratulations! Keep up your blessed talent! — Suzanne Barnett, Los Altos Hills, CA

Beautiful -- you touch my heart. Thank you for sharing your art with me!
— Chandrika, Netherland

I love your butterflies! They warm up my heart and make me smile.
— Katya, San Carlos, CA at http://katya.imeem.com


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